Mexican Tamarind Drink

I will always advocate drinking only water because it’s the best thing you can put into your body that is natural and replenishes your body. I won’t get on my soap box on how incredibly HORRIBLE soda is, especially diet soda. I won’t rant about how water makes you fuller, helps hydrate your skin and is good for your kidneys, among countless other benefits that soda and caffeine doesn’t do. But asides from all that, I will introduce this sweet and tangy delicious drink made from tamarind pods. Every now and then a slightly sugary drink is ok. For those who haven’t had tamarind before it comes in a brown podlike fruit. It has a thin outer shell that you break open to get to this gooey sticky brown fruit surrounding a seed. It tastes like a very tart candy. It’s found in a lot of mexican and asian candy either with chile or salt. When seeped in water with some sugar, it makes a great summer drink. I don’t like to add sugar to things but if you don’t, it will be very sour. You can use honey instead of sugar. Use up to a cup but taste as you go for sweetness to cut down on the sugar. This can be enjoyed anytime but it’s a great refreshing treat for those hot summer days. It’s great frozen as tamarind popsicles. My friend Cevera likes to add some club soda and chile for a very mexican drink but do that version with caution 🙂


1lb of tamarind

2 quarts water, with another 2 quarts for later use

1/2-1 cup sugar

Take tamarind and 2 quarts of water and bring to boil for about 15 mins on medium heat. Strain through sieve or strainer as much of the fruit meat as possible into a large bowl. Add up to 2 quarts of reserved water and mix with up to 1 cup of sugar to taste. Refrigerate  over night. Stir before use and pour over ice.

Here’s the tamarind. You can get them de podded at your local asian store. It’s much more convenient. IMG_4798

The water will turn brown.



Press with the back of a spoon and scrape the bottom. Don’t throw the unshifted fibers away. You can still eat them.



Transfer to a pitcher and place in fridge over night. So yummy even Emilia tried some.




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