Jamie Easton Body Building 12 Wk Program

Ladies, I can’t stress enough how important working out is, especially lifting weights. Getting bulky and “mannish” is a myth. Well it can be acheived but you would have to lift super heavy weights, eat protein like crazy and take supplements. What we do want in lean muscle mass. Not just to look more amazing than we already are but to have healthy strong bodies that will carry us through our senior years. Face it you can’t look hot hobbling around with a walker.

I’m on my third month and it is a challenge now but you have two months to build up to it. I’ve seen a huge tightening in my triceps, upper and lower back and thighs. These are hard target areas. I don’t have pictures yet (well none that are selfie bathroom pics) but I’ll post them soon. I promise you will get the results you want and rock it in a hot bikini this summer. Don’t give up. If you miss a day, just pick up the next day like it never happened. Here’s the link. Good luck!!



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