Cruisin in Style

My newest obsession is my beach cruiser. Every time I go riding, it reminds me of being young, carefree and doing things just for the pleasure of it. Unlike road biking, I don’t need special shoes, gloves or workout clothes. I can dress in style while burning some calories. Sometimes I like to pretend that a fashion magazine photographer will spot me and feature me in their “street fashion” section (it’s a secret fantasy of mine).

I believe that working out should be fun and part of every day life. There is not an excuse to not workout, you just have to find different ways to stay active. Biking is something worth trying. Craigslist has lots of great finds. I found mine for $60 and best money I’ve ever spent. You don’t need anything fancy as long as the chains and wheels spin. Because the tires are very sturdy you can bike across grass and gravel and not have to deal with the road. I bike to school, Walmart and the grocery store. When I have time I use the trail nearby to get to different appointments. It is tons of fun and I don’t have to deal with traffic. The biggest plus is that my legs are firmer and tighter and it didn’t feel like working out at all.

Light loose button down, bright shorts and comfy sandals. Notice the ghetto ribbon/robe holding my basket to the handle bar. Don’t spend money on a mount. Thanks Kim for the basket.


Never forget about accessories. Invest in a good leather belt and studs always go with every outfit.


This expression sums up my love of biking.



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