Red isn’t just for Valentine’s Day

IMG_5178[1]I don’t own a lot of red but after seeing my friend Pamela in a red pencil skirt I became obsessed with owning one. Since it’s not a color I wear often and I’m always cheap, I casually went in search for my very own red skirt. While walking through Macy’s during their giant additional 40% off sale (the shoe department looked like a tornado had it it) I found the perfect pencil skirt with black lace trim. Subtle accents can transform a simple silhouette. It’s very important not to get one with too much orange in it because it looks cheap to me and doesn’t transition from season to season. Even though the final price of $8 was pretty good, that’s still money I shouldn’t and didn’t need to spend. After debating for quite some time I bit the bullet and bought it. I am really glad I did because I got lots of complements and lets face it, that’s what it’s all about. Women dress first to feel good about themselves then to impress other women. Their approval boosts our confidence. A distant third is to impress the guys. Let’s face it, men only notice the overall effect but women appreciate the effort. Red and black is a classic look that everyone should try.

Take a necklace and wrap around for a funky bracket. It’s not about being structured. And yes I wear transition glasses. They are very functional if not always pretty.


Red is such a statement color already so pair with black, white or a polka dot print top in those same colors. This is my maternity shirt I got at Target for under $10 on sale.



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