Dr. Oz’s Three Day Detox


I really like juicing and detox plans, IF they are healthy. Dr. Oz’s three day detox plan is done healthfully and it tastes really good. Don’t juice as a way to lose weight quickly because you will mostly just lose water and muscle weight. Use it as a kick start to a healthy new lifestyle and to rid your body of toxins and the harmful things we ingest. If you don’t view it as a way of depriving yourself, I promise that you will have more energy and you won’t want to go back to those bad habits. I do like Dr. Oz because he shows medical research for the findings and he tries it himself. It sounds scary but you will be so much happier and stronger for doing it.

The quick difference between juicing and blending is that juicing extracts the fibers. Without the fibers, your intestines get a break from digesting and your body only gets the vitamins and minerals it needs. Blending, as is this detox plan, keeps the fibers but you still nourish your body with vitamins and minerals. I like juicing better only because it’s easier for me to drink since it’s all liquid. Blending is thick so I add extra water and ice to thin it out.

I’ve done straight juicing before and loved the results. I lost weight but it was in the form of muscle so that actually was the part I didn’t like. I loved that it taught me discipline, showed me that I don’t need that much food to sustain me and it shrunk my stomach. I did a week straight of juicing then for the next month I added a sensible dinner. I needed that so I could still work out and I missed chewing. I think three days is sufficient though and everyone should do it at least once a year.

I’m on day two of Dr. Oz’s detox and honestly it’s going really well; better than last time. They are actually really delicious, well the lunch one AKA Green Giant isn’t my favorite, and they are also filling. I have a lot of energy today and yes I miss food and my sense of smell for foods is heightened but it’s such a mental discipline. If I can push through this I can push through anything. I do allow myself a little fruit if I get too hungry, in terms of a headache, but really it’s not bad. I’ll write a full review once I’m done. Please try this and you’ll be much happier, I promise.

Breakfast and dinner are my favorites. And that's the Green Giant.

Breakfast and dinner are my favorites. And that’s the Green Giant.

There's a lot bc I add water and ice to thin it out. Yummy.

There’s a lot bc I add water and ice to thin it out. Yummy.


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