Review of Dr. Oz’s Three Day Detox

I highly recommend this detox program to try. I didn’t really get hungry, as the meals were very filling and better tasting than most other juicing/blending programs, but I did miss eating. That’s just a given because we are so conditioned to chew and eat when we want. Detoxing does make me realize how much I actually snack on a day-to-day basis. I would see a cookie and almost reach for it before remembering that I’m not supposed to. Going out with friends I normally would take a bite off their plate and grabbing for a piece of pretzel I see sitting on the breakfast table. Detoxing made me more aware that I need to be aware of what I actually put in my mouth.

The lunch meal was very very hard for me to drink so on the third day, I made it into a salad and I will tell you how delicious it is. Here’s the low down between blending and eating raw foods. Blending breaks down the food prior to swallowing so your body digests it better and absorbs the nutrients. It’s also a good way to get more fruits and veggies in since it’s in a concentrated liquid form. Most people don’t chew their food enough before swallowing (I’m very guilty of this) so a lot of nutrients don’t get absorbed the way it should, at least according to juicing/blending advocates. There’s medical research out there on both sides. I think there’s truth in everything but the main thing is the same: eat healthy and you’ll be way better off. So that being said, I think it’s better to eat the food if you can’t stomach blending it and would rather quit. I think it’s better to at least stay on the path. Hence eating the lunch meal. I also ate the dinner meal because the lunch was so good and I’m not super concerned this time with body digestion. I will tell you that you should always eat the dinner meal as a salad, just add some protein once you’re done with detoxing. It’s one of the best salads ever.

I know most people will want to know how much weight I lost but I’m not going to concentrate on that because as I said in the first post, it’s not about weight loss. Detoxing is not a quick weight loss program but rather a new way to look at health and foods. Yes I did lose some weight but that’s because my calories were cut so low compared to what I was eating. What I did lose was the bloat I had been carrying and gained a lot of energy. I did continue with my workouts but I wouldn’t recommend it. I got really fatigued while lifting weights and I ran 5 miles but didn’t supplement my body properly afterwards which did make my body crave protein. When you detox, you are supposed to not work out at all so take this excuse to relax.

It’s really important to supplement your body with a multivitamin, which I think you should be taking anyways. It’s also really important on this detox to take a probiotic pill as a friendly bacteria for the digestion system. The only thing I didn’t do was the bath portion because I don’t like baths but let me know if you did and what results you got. I think three days is doable, especially since this is a yummy and filling detox that’s not going to slow down your metabolism. If you’re afraid, start small. Pick one meal a day to blend and work your way up or eat the meals if blending is too much for you to handle. I think regardless the foods here are good for your body and you will get some benefits. Today I’m eating “real foods” again and slowly introducing foods back in. I’m also using the left over foods from the detox. Breakfast was what toast with almond butter and honey with two scrambled egg whites. Lunch was a cabbage salad with strawberries, cucumbers, quinoa, chicken, fresh squeezed lemon, drizzle of olive oil and sprinkle of cayenne pepper. Seriously it was so good. Remember try not to undo all the good you’ve just done. Good luck!!

Top pic: all the foods you need to detox 2nd pic: home made almond butter. Just unsalted roasted almonds blended. 3rd pic: super yummy salad for lunch.

Top pic: all the foods you need to detox
2nd pic: home made almond butter. Just unsalted roasted almonds blended.
3rd pic: super yummy salad for lunch.


2 thoughts on “Review of Dr. Oz’s Three Day Detox

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  2. G’Day! Lindayang25,
    Thanks for the info, It says that you can promote weight loss by taking both these products at the same time. I have ordered the trials and read various reviews, some positive and some negative..anyone actually done this who has a genuine review???
    Keep up the good work

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