First Week Review of Brazilian Butt Lift

Ok so I finished week one of BBL and it was amazing!! You first decide which workout program you want to do base on your butt desire and natural form. If in doubt do the Classic version. That’s the one I’m doing. Which workout to do on the given days are easily spelled out. Each workout ranges from 30-50 minuets and you do about 2 DVD workouts a day, 6 days a week. Each day’s workout lasts about an hour to no more than an 1 hour 20 minuets, depending on what combination you are doing. You can break up the work out if you’re strapped for time.

Some equipment is needed. It comes with a dinky yellow resistance band for using in the High and Tight workout but I recommend getting a better quality one. I broke mine, but I will say that it had a lot to do with the fact that the resistance wasn’t tight enough for me so I overstretched it. I also did get 2.5 lbs ankle weights to add resistance and it’ll really shape your thighs. You can get them anywhere from $7-$20. Check out Ross or Marshall’s first. The moves are difficult without any resistance but it’s important to build on your strength in the coming weeks.  A yoga mat or towel and some free weights will be needed for the Sculpting workout. If you’re new to working out you can omit them or use cans or water bottles for weights.

I think this is very versatile for all fitness levels. There are modified versions for all the moves and if you find it too easy, increase weights. Some of the moves really did put me in weird angles I’ve never used before so that was a challenge. That’s also how it targets areas we never work out. I loved the High and Tight, Bum Bum and Tummy Tuck workouts best because it’s why I got BBL. It really works your lower body the whole time. It’s very important to keep your core contracted and to squeeze your butt. It’s weird and hard at first but with practice, you’ll get it down.The moves, if done correctly will burn. I didn’t think it was too hard but it takes some coordination and balance work, which also works the core! The Tummy Tuck had some pretty intense moves because of holding positions, so if you need to rest, rest. Then get right back into it.

The Cardio Axe workout is just ok with me. It’s the main cardio workout and because I’m used to the intensity of Insanity with Shawn T. and I run a lot, I felt it was kinda mundane. It is a lot of salsa like dance moves so it’s fun. If you’re new to working out, it will raise your heart rate but you’ll be having so much fun you won’t even think about it. It also does take some coordination because it has steps and moves you have to follow but trust me, the second and third time you do it, it’ll be very easy because the moves are repetitive.

The Sculpting workout is about 50 minuets long and it works the whole body, mainly focusing on upper body toning. It really targets areas that women are concerned about like triceps and backs. I’ve always liked to do free weight lifting so I’m still doing my own weights for upper body 3 days a week but I like how the Sculpting workout does it all at once and it does build lean muscle. You won’t get bulky at all, just lean and cut.

Leandro can be a little cheesy and his accent is a little hard to understand at times. They don’t really explain the moves and jump in pretty fast. By the second time you’ll really get the hang of it. If coordination is a little more difficult for you, watch the Basics video first and it’ll go through the moves for you slower. For some reason they shot the video in the studio and at the beach and they cut back and forth, which can be a little distracting. I didn’t like it at first but now I don’t really notice it.

Overall I do like this program because it’s doing what it says. It’s targeting your bum and thighs and building lean muscle. I think as a stand alone it works great. I like more cardio so I still run, swim, and bike but just not as often as I used to. I really have felt my legs tone and tighten. What surprised me most was how much of a core/abs workout it is. I’ve probably noticed the most difference in that area. I haven’t really lost any weight and my measurements are about the same but that’s how my body is. It always takes about a month for me to really see results. Mostly because I do work out a lot and have plateaued so changing up my routine will yield results, but just a little delayed. I know for sure that if you’re new to working out, you will definitely see a good result in a week, seeing that you’re consistent and eat right.

So as for eating, the program does come with a nutrition guide and a bonus 6 day express meal plan to guarantee weight and inches loss. I tried it, and it’s very reasonable and healthy but the calories are around 1000 per day. I think that’s a sufficient amount if you want to drop weight. 1200-1400 would be the max. I tried it for a day but because I do other workouts, that wasn’t sufficient calories to supplement me so I just went back to my normal eating. I want to stress that you need to eat healthy. Egg whites, lean meats, limit sugar, caffeine, and simple starches.  There’s no gimmick or magic pill to take. it’s just simple clean eating. Even with eating more, I only added more protein and a snack or two per day to the meal plan they suggested. It’s super hard for me to resist dessert and yes I do eat them if they are there,but it’s really important to limit the portions. And I will do an extra workout to compensate for that cookie. So think about if that food temptation is worth an extra run/bike/swim. Plan your meals in advance and always have a handy snack around. I’ll have a review of results in a month with measurements. Good luck and rock it this summer in your bathing suit!

Here are some very Myspace like pictures. These are just to see what I look like bc I like seeing people’s results to compare. I’ll definitely take better ones in the future.

It's easier for me with upper abs. Just that little pouch to get rid of.

It’s easier for me with upper abs. Just that little pouch to get rid of.

No my best suit but it's great for tanning.

No my best suit but it’s great for tanning.






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