Lost Maples and The Apple Store

20130527-175906.jpgLost Maples state park is my go to out-of-town hiking park. It’s about an hour and a half outside of San Antonio towards Bandera road located 37221 F.M. 187
Vanderpool, TX 78885. The best time to go is during the month of November because the vast maple leaves turn color and you’ll bask in all the rich fall colors.

It’s hike-able in a day with a few trails to choose from. I like to use ankle weights to add extra burn. When we aren’t in a drought, you can swim in the pond and play around the waterfall. It’s great for bird watching and photography. There is regular camping and some primitive camping available. Here is the link for all questions about Lost Maples http://www.tpwd.state.tx.us/state-parks/lost-maples

photo(2)My biggest incentive for going to Lost Maples is eating at The Apple Store afterwards. it’s not the Mac Apple but a quaint little country restaurant and store that obviously sells everything apple and then some.

photoThey have the most amazing sourdough burgers with applewood bacon; all homemade. I think the clincher is the wild-fire pickles they use. Don’t worry it’s not very spicy but they are locally made and you can purchase them at the store. I ate the whole bottle in under a week once.

Inside the store you can sample all the vast jams and preserves they make along with their famous apple pie. They also sell various foods, pastries, rubs and cute novelty items. My favorite favorite favorite is the apple ice cream.Glad they don’t sell it at HEB because I would be 5 pounds heavier. Make room for it on the drive back home. I rarely advocate for indulgence but I always make an exception here. It’s worth the drive and you’ll find many excuses to keep driving out there.



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