Brazilian Butt Lift Review Week 4

So everyone keeps asking me “does BBL work?” I wanted to do a one month review then a two month review update but since so many of my friends have questions, I’ll do an update now currently on my 4th week.

So does it work? I find this a very interesting question. Yes BBL does but I also think most program out there are good and also work. Anytime that you are eating right and working out and being consistent on both, you’re going to see results. So what makes BBL so different and worth the time, money and effort? It’s the few programs out there that spends the whole workout targeting your butt and thighs. If that is your main target this is defiantly the workout you want. Yes you get cardio, abs and upper body but it really does work out your butt for over 30 mins. It has 4 different programs to choose from depending on your need. This workout will help with your butt but also your thighs, abs and upper body. Done right you will lose weight and tighten and tone. I’ll break down the different workouts.

Bum Bum is the meat of the program. It’s about 35 mins of movements that will lift, firm and sculpt your butt. It’s the workout you would want to do most if you have a flat butt. It’s not easy and you will fill it the next day if you’re not used to working out. I find it a good push and add ankle weights to give more of a challenge. My roommate starting doing it and it’s a huge burn for her and after a week she says she still feels the burn. You have moving lunges, capoeira moves (a form of Brazilian martial arts), side kicks, frog jumps and many other moves that targets the butt directly and from different angles.

High and Tight is a combination of outer and inner thigh workouts and all the angles of the butt for about 50 mins. It’s the workout you’ll do more if you are pear shaped. You start with standing resistance bands really isolating each side of legs and cheek. It’s a lot of standard side leg and back leg raises that start with slow reps, then to normal tempo to short quick ones. Those are the ones that really burn and kill. You move onto the floor and with the resistance band you do side raises that target obliques, outer and inner thighs and side of butt. There is a move called the clam shell 2 that I struggle with when we do short raises. Then you move onto the ankle weights portion where again, it’s traditional back leg and donkey kicks. Yes it’s a challenge and yes different angles are added to give a rounded butt. The last part is inner thigh workouts. It’s not that long and since that is my problem area, I wished it was longer but this is Brazilian Butt Lift not Brazilian Inner Thigh so it makes sense. Your thighs are being worked the whole time, just the butt is the main focus.

Sculpt is more upper body weights to sculpt biceps, triceps, shoulders and backs but it includes core at the end. It’s about 50 mins. It’s minimal for those who just want to concentrate on the butt more and added more to programs that want to help slim and lose weight. I lift a lot of free weights and I still find this challeging. It has a lot of reps so you use lighter weights but you feel the burn towards the end. There are some muscle and angles where I’m stronger and weaker so i vary the weights. Tricep kickbacks are challenging for me and due to a shoulder injury, I have to ease up on that if my shoulder is acting up. The abs portion is a lot of planks and side planks which is most challenging to me. One my core is weaker and two it’s a lot of shoulder work. I listen to my body because I never want to injure myself. It’s not worth being out for a few days. I’ll switch from modified to advance as needed.

Tummy Tuck is all abs for about 15 mins. It’s traditional ab crunches but it’s a lot of holding of abs. I will tell you that it’s one of the best abs programs I’ve done. P90x is very very challenging so it makes it hard to be motivated to do. Insanity was a lot better but I felt the moves were not varied since most of the time you are in the “c” position with variations or you’re doing jumping core work. Turbo Jam’s ab is another one I liked because it’s challenging but not impossible to so. I like how he takes traditional crunches but adds just enough change to challenge you but not discourage. His One child (I think that’s what he says) is so painful because you are holding your crunch forever and keep having to push higher and higher. The majority is on your back doing different crunches. The next portion is on those dreaded planks. Planks are great because it tightens your core, back, shoulder and butt all in one. The last part is back extensions which every time I do it makes me feel like regurgitating because you’re on your tummy and raising your back and legs up. it’s another great workout because it works your back and butt.

Cardio Axe is about 35 mins of dancing and choreograph. It has some zumba moves and it’s broken down to 4 main sets of routines. This is included more for the programs that want to slim down. You have plenty of time to learn the moves because you repeat them often. At first I didn’t like it as much because I like high intensity cardio but I quickly realized how great a core workout it is. The moves really twist your body to work your abs all while dancing. It also hits the thighs and butt. Sometimes I wear my ankle weights to add more resistance. If you are not used to running or doing cardio, this will be a challenging aerobic workout. You do a lot of booty shaking so don’t be shy and let loose.

So yes I do recommend this workout for overall weight loss but especially if you want to target your butt and thighs. I’ve done Jillian Michael’s Killer Buns workout and really loved it but it’s not a whole program and it’s only about 20 mins. I do love her other workouts and advocate for them but I’m a big supporter of 30-90 day programs. Like most people I’ve had Jane Fonda, Buns of Steel, Turbo Jam, Tae Bo and various classes at the gym. I did them, loved them, but the results weren’t as great as I wanted. It wasn’t until I did the full 60 days of Insanity that I realized how great programs are.  They are designed to give you variety and it spells out what you need to do each day and for how long. Why think when they spent millions of dollars doing the thinking for you? It helps keep you consistent instead of just doing it here and there. All the above programs are great and I go back to them but a built in program helps with consistency. BBL isn’t the most elaborate program, as it is only a 30 day program, but it has the variety you need. And just because it says 30 days doesn’t mean you only do it for 30 days. I think 60 days is minimum to really see results so I’m going to do it back to back. I might even push to a 90 day program. I’m doing the Combo program now but next week I’m switching to the Lift program so I’ll do less Cardio Axe but more Bum Bum and High and Tight to really build the butt I want.

I am a workout fanatic so it’s harder to see dramatic results with me. I don’t pay attention to ads of people dropping a dress size in a week. I think it’s possible but slow and steady is my motto. I’ve only lost 7-10 since last year but I’m about 2 dress sizes smaller. My weight doesn’t really drop but I do feel tightness since I started BBL. My abs are so much firmer and that roll when I sit is smaller. My inner thighs have less dimples and my shorts are getting looser. I know I’ll never have Cameran Diaz’s slim legs but I aim to just make my thick thighs as tight as can be. When I grab my butt, I can feel it firmer and they look much better in my underwear. That’s how I know something is working for me. So if you’re wondering if BBL works, yes it does. As long as you follow the program and eat healthy though, but that’s true of any fitness program. Good luck!


photo 1

Wk4- Less stomach pooch, slimmer thighs and more lift on butt. Keep in mind that results will show up in another 4 wks.


And this is my Fat Jean test. Every girl has one. I know I’m gaining or losing weight by how comfortable I feel in this jean. They fit a lot better than they did 4 weeks ago. The thighs are not super tight and I can button it and still wear a fitted top. That’s better than what the scale says.



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