Natural Jam

Remember that episode of Friends where Monica makes all that jam that Joey loved so much and ate it like ice cream? I love jam almost as much as Joey does. I’ve eaten it straight but it’s a little too sweet for me to eat a whole bowl. I will put it on most things. From eggs, cakes, crackers, sandwiches, cheese, meats and pretty much most things. Jam is my preferred consistency but I’ll do jelly if I have to. Strawberries is my favorite along with most other berries. Grape is my least favorite but I’ll eat it when I’m desperate.

Obviously homemade jam is yummier than store bought. Homemade is also the better choice because you can control the sugar. One reason why jams are so delicious is the high sugar content used to add taste and serve as a preservative. Don’t get the low sugar because it’s fake and not normal for your body to process. Besides, fruits are naturally high in sugar and don’t need much help to sweeten. I’ve not made my own jam for the main reason that you have to boil the jars before hand to sterilize them to prevent mold and bacteria. If you know me then you know that I’m not the best at sterilizing/sanitizing things. I kinda think some bacteria is good and needed for the immune system. Just my theory and it works well for me. So that being said, along with my love for jam and need to limit sugar, this recipe is quick, simple, healthy and very addictive. This version I can eat like ice cream, which is a much healthier dessert.


1 lbs strawberries de-stemmed and cut up

half lemon juice (I used lime because that’s all I had. Just gives more tartness)

up to 1 packet of stevia/natural sweetener, or 2-3 drops of liquid stevia/natural sweetener, or up to 1 tbs sugar to taste

photo 1

De-stem and cut strawberries, place in bowl. Add sugar and juice. I like mine a little chunky so I broke some up with fork and used an immersion blender to lightly puree the rest. So quick and easy. Since we aren’t cooking it down like normal jam, it won’t be as think but will taste so much more fresh. It should keep in the fridge up to 2 wks. I make small batches with what I have currently. So yummy I ate it for dessert and then in the morning I put on toast with my natural honey roasted peanut butter I made and mentioned in previous post. It taste better with the peanut better than on toast alone. This satisfies my sweet tooth and prevents over eating since I can’t eat two bowls of it like I can ice cream. Please try it and you’ll love love love it. Perfect for summer. photo 2


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