Swimsuit Coverup

It’s very hard for me to find a swimsuit coverup that I like. I don’t want anything bulky, too sheer, too long or short, too revealing or not covering enough and most importantly, I don’t want to pay for one when I use it but a few times a year. I do really love sarongs, which I call lava-lavas for some reason, but again, I don’t want to pay for one and I’m too lazy to make my own. So what is the perfect solution? Remember that lightweight winter/spring scarf you loved wearing to spice up your outfit and warm you up? Well don’t pack it away just yet. It’s the perfect length and fabric for a cute coverup. The scarf/cover up is from my spring look earlier this year.


You can wrap it many ways. Sometimes I just do the traditional around the hips, but since we were going to eat before going to the river, I like a dress look. Try not to use safety pins because it’s supposed to be quick and easy. By twisting the corners, it creates a clean line and makes it easy to tie around the neck. Once these scarfs unravel they have a good width about them that covers well. I have one that’s very wide and makes for a full length sarong. Any color goes really. It’s fun and creative and already in your closet. I like to drape the back a little to create a little sexiness. Play around to find your perfect style. IMG_6904[1]

Ready to float the river! My tan lines are crazy! Floppy, cowboy and straw hats are perfect to keep harsh rays off your face. We don’t want wrinkles ladies. I like a simple braid to keep hair off my face and dewy natural makeup that won’t be so dramatic when the water or sweat washes it away.





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