Wk 6 Brazilian Update

Liking my results so far. 2 weeks left of the 60 day challenge. Here are some changes I made in second month to cater to my needs:

– I alternate each day of Bum Bum and Tummy Tuck to High and Tight. So I’m primarily only doing these 3 workouts now. I wanted to focus more on my lower body.

– I’m not doing Sculpt but only because I like doing my free weight program. I’m trying to build bigger muscles and Sculpt is more lean muscles. I think it’s a great workout if you aren’t used to doing any weights and want nice toned arms.

– I’m only doing Cardio Axe one time a week because in my other fitness goals I’m trying to do high intensity interval training HIIT and tabata workouts. I’ll do a post later on these workouts. I do Cardio Axe as my active recovery cardio workout. It’s still going to make you sweat and it’s a good core workout.

– I upped my weights to High and Tight from 2.5 lbs each ankle to 3.5 and it’s a good new challenge for me.

– Sometimes in Bum Bum and Cardio I’ll wear my ankle weights for added calorie burn. You don’t have to do this to get results. I just like doing something different sometimes. It’s good to alternate things to get different results.

I have a few friends and family who are trying this workout also and I hope to hear about their results soon. I still recommend it because it’s fun but totally kicks your butt (to bounce a quarter off it). I don’t have my dream body yet but it’s getting better each week.

photo 3

An overall wk to wk comparison.

An overall wk to wk comparison.

Found a better way to take back and butt pictures. Getting to my goal one day soon!

photo 2


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