Low Carb Spring Rolls

photo 5

Asian spring rolls are a great summer appetizer and pretty healthy but it can also be high on carbs. Since I try to limit my white carb intake I found that omitting the noodles and loading the rolls with veggies is really filling, healthy, delicious and carb friendly. The rice paper wraps do go up to about 55 cals per sheet for a 12in diameter round so keep that in mind with portion. I just used the vegetables I already had and some chicken breast left overs and you can use what ingredients you have on hand. It can easily be made all vegetarian. I will say that adding a slice of avocado really sealed the deal.


2 rice paper sheets ( just emerge in warm/hot water for a few seconds and place on surface for rolling like a burrito or egg roll. It will still be stiff but trust me it softens real quick. You don’t want it to be too soft.)

shredded red cabbage/regular cabbage/spinach/romaine lettice

cucumber sticks

tomatoes slices

carrot sticks

chile peppers (optional)

shredded chicken


avocado slices

photo 1

Take your veggies and layer on top of softened rice paper roll. I like to use cabbage first to create a base, cucumbers, carrots, chicken, tomatoes, avocado and then basil. Wrap like a burrito or egg roll and you’re done!photo 3


1 tbls peanut butter

chile peppers to spice taste level you want

a very few splashes of fish sauce or vinegar if you don’t have it- it has a lot of flavor and is very salty

enough water to thin out peanut butter. I probably use about 1/4 of a cup because I don’t like mine thick

crushed peanuts and cilantro if you have on hand to garnish

photo 4

Mix everything together in small bowl with water to break up the peanut butter. I add the water slowly as needed. Enjoy this healthy and filling appetizer or meal. You get all your veggies and protein with minimal carbs. It’s a nice alternative to a salad.



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