Too Hot For Clothes


Once summer hits, just the thought of having clothes on me make me sweat. I typically am in workout shorts, racerback tank and tennies most days so it’s not too bad for me. Every now again I have an actual life that requires effort in being clothed. So on Saturday night, I had a wedding reception to attend and my summer wardrobe wasn’t going to cut it. Even the thought of heels make me feel hot. I couldn’t flake because I promised to attend but I just couldn’t muster up the chore of wearing “fancy” clothes. How to solve this problem?

A light weight dress that’s flowy with sheer sleeves! It’s a conservative affair so straps couldn’t be showing and I just can’t do a cardigan in this heat. Since I didn’t want heels and it’s summer, I can get away with “fancy” sandals. Sequins, studs, beadings or anything sparkling dresses up a sandal.

photo 1

To balance this semi bohemian look, I added little side braids to wavy hair. Wavy= fancy hair but braids “casual-fie” it to match the sandals. I threw on a big statement necklace to make it wedding reception appropriate and to distract from the sandals. It’s appropriate for a summer gathering that is more fancy than a social gathering but not a black tie affair. The main thing is to balance fancy with casual to make it occasion appropriate.   photo 2


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