Carb Free Pad Thai

Pad Thai is one of my favorite dishes but I’m really trying not to eat a lot of simple carbs. A lot of Asian dishes contain noodles so I’ve been trying to solve this problem for awhile now. Pad Thai is probably my favorite go to dish and miss it so much. My solution? Veggie spiral slicer!!

What is a veggie spiral slicer? Well it’s this cool machine that turns cucumbers, zuchinnies, carrots, and whatever else you want into noodle strands. Trust me it makes a difference to how food tastes. I’ve had zucinni noodles made from a peeler and I didn’t like it much because it was too thin and absorbed too much of the liquids and was very limp. These veggie noodles are denser and you can twirl around a fork just like noodles. It doesn’t even taste like the veggies and I like eating veggies.

Original pad thai sauce also uses a lot of sugar and sodium so I tried to cut down on that. Healthy can taste really good and it does. You will be a believer too.

Ingredients for noodles:

1 large cumumber

1 large zucchini

Cut according to your machines instructions.

This yield a lot. I cut them a bit so the noodles are super long.

This yield a lot. I cut them a bit so the noodles are super long.


1/2 cup peanut butter- any kind you want. I used homemade honey roasted

2/3 cups of skim milk-or any type of milk.

a quarter sized skinned ginger

1 tbs soy sauce

Blend all this together in blender. If too thick add a little milk. I like mine pretty thick. Add to noodles. I added some ground chicken breast I had made the night before, crushed peanuts, cilantro, chile pepper and lime juice. So yummy, full of protein and very low in carb. If you don’t add protein it’s a good raw diet and if you use glutton free soy sauce, it’s glutton free. Can’t wait to eat it again.

My mouth waters just thinking about this dish.

My mouth waters just thinking about this dish.


3 thoughts on “Carb Free Pad Thai

    • yes I got it on amazon. just put in veggie spiral slicer and it’ll pull them up. mine was white and plastic. I Don’t remember the brand but most of them look the same. i got mine on sale for $24. let me know if you have more questions. I use mine a lot and it’s perfect. I like the little noodle slicer more than the larger noodle slicer that it comes it bc the smaller ones mimic noodles better.

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