Enchanted Rock


Enchanted Rock is exactly like the name says. It’s a big rock that is quite enchanting. I like it mainly because Texas is pretty flat and this gives me some climbing. It’s about an hour or so away from San Antonio. Here is the link http://www.tpwd.state.tx.us/state-parks/enchanted-rock

It’s worth the drive to take in the view and see all the flowers that grow there. You can rock climb, camp and just explore. Asides from the giant rock, there are other trails to walk around. IMG_7631

To make it more challenging I wore my ankle weights at 2.5 lbs each. It was a good sweat running up that rock. I had to stop twice but next time I will make it all the way with no stops.


Only in Texas will you find a grill in the shape of the state. Love it!IMG_7633

Amazing view

Amazing view


And of course I always injure myself. Totally fell while standing still on some loose rocks. I didn’t realize the amount of blood came from all those rocks scraping my knee. Sadly the puppy got hurt too so we took turns carrying her. Yup I carried her like a baby with 5 lbs ankle weights and a bleeding knee. That’s fitness for ya 🙂



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