How to Repair Your Workout Shoes

I have very wide (fat) feet so I wear out the pinky part of my shoes pretty fast. This is really horrible for my running shoes because 1) they are not old yet 2) running shoes are the only shoes I will spend money on so I can’t be buying new ones so often 3) I downgrade my running shoes to workout shoes once they reach their miles.

I am only concerned with having good running shoes. For all other workouts like trail running, weights, DVD’s and such, I always wear my old running shoes. I don’t need the support in those workouts like I do in running, but my wide feet creates a hole. The main shoe itself still perfectly capable of serving it’s purpose. IMG_8321

I have no shame in wearing these ghetto shoes but the hole keeps getting bigger and I’m tired of the stares. So here’s a quick and simple way to salvage your workout shoes from just an aesthetic perspective.


Stretchy material (I used an old swim bottom)

Fabric scissors

Needle and thread


Cut a square just a little larger than the hole.


Place the square inside the shoe where the hole is. Open the laces so you can fit your hand inside easier. Also make sure you have your thread ready. I just used black because it blends into the shoe. Hold the fabric from the inside and start stitching. I don’t even care to keep the stitches small or discreet. No one will really notice it.



Stitch all the way around. Make sure you grab sturdy fabric from the shoe to attach to the fabric. Once all the way around, tie off the string and your done!IMG_8333


All done and my pinky has room to stretch, that’s why I used the spandex fabric. IMG_8334


These are perfectly fine shoes that will continue to work. Don’t let little things like holes force you to waste money on new products. Don’t be embarrassed either. No one notices and if they do then they obviously aren’t really working out to have time to pay attention to you 😉IMG_8335





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