Low on Time? Do High Intensity Interval Training


I am so into high intensity interval training (HIIT) workouts now. I’ve avoided this for years because they are TOUGH! I like running at a comfortable pace because it relaxes me and is the one time each day that I don’t have to listen to anyone or think about anything. Running is great, especially for cardiovascular health, endurance, weight loss and toning your legs. But if you want to get cut, drop lots of fat fast, and transform your body to have lean muscles, you have to do HIIT workouts. And the best part is they are fast workouts.

This is the quick down and dirty without all the scientific jargon I don’t understand. HIIT workouts are anaerobic instead of aerobic workouts. Aerobic is traditional workouts like running, jogging, biking, cardio exercise dvd’s, etc. that is performed consistently about 30-60 mins. Anaerobic exercises are weight lifting and for cardio, quick bursts of high intense movements followed by a short rest and repeated for 4-40 mins. The easiest way I look at it is comparing a marathoner’s body and workout to that of a sprinter. Marathoners are aerobic so they are very lean with very lean/thin muscles. Sprinters are anaerobic and have sculpted defined muscles without the bulk. I like a sprinters body so I’m forced to do HIIT workouts. Anaerobic also burns more calories post workout than aerobic.

I’ve been experimenting around with different programs. I’ve done some good but super intense ones that I can only last 15-20 mins. I found this easy to follow program on fitnessblender.com. I like how easy the moves are and while it will be a challenge, it’s definitely doable. There are many different workouts that range from 8 mins to 1.5 hrs. I think their HIIT programs are a good introduction to incorporating HIIT into your workout routine.

I just did their 45 Minuet HIIT & Total Tabata workout. It’s not the most exciting program and they don’t play pumping music but it’s in real time and they really explain how to do the moves before you start them. They also tell you the countdown on time and reps. It’s not as intense for me, but I also workout like crazy and have been doing insane HIIT workouts. I definitely will add weights and increase speed so that it’ll be more challenging. I do think this will be a tough and challenging workout if you aren’t used to HIIT workouts. Do what you can, rest if you have to, then get right back in.

I was always afraid of HIIT workouts before but now I’m addicted. I’ve seen way more definition, especially in losing belly fat. This has also increased my speed in distance running. I workout in shorter increments but smarter because I really maximize those 15-20 mins. I’ve been running long distance for a few years and was baffled that my body wasn’t where I wanted it to be. Now with HIIT training, I see the results coming in faster and better.

There is nothing wrong with aerobic workouts. I love them and still do them when I can. I really miss just going for a good run. I started HIIT because I wanted to build more muscles and really drop body fat. Since doing HIIT, my muscles are more defined, my speed in my 5k is faster and I’ve leaned out, especially my abs. With the added muscles, I am burning more calories at rest. Also when I overindulge, I don’t feel “fat” because my body metabolizes it so fast. Here is my abs before HIIT and current abs. I’m going to really work on getting that cut look.

Before HIIT

Before HIIT

After one month of HIIT

After one month of HIIT

Ladies, I’ve mentioned before in my Jamie Eason 12 Week Weight Lifting program how important it is do build muscle. Trust me it’s impossible to get bulky without taking testosterone supplements. You will just end up with the body you’ve always dreamed of. Here is the link to the workout program. They have lots to choose from. Aim to do one each day at least 4-6 times week.



2 thoughts on “Low on Time? Do High Intensity Interval Training

    • haha thanks. I need to hear other people say that bc it’s hard to see it in myself sometimes. It’s not bad body image but we all have goals and it’s easier to see that and how far we still have to go than to see our progress sometimes. As odd as it is it’s also so much fun. I swear i’m going to get a 4 pack one day, even if it only lasts for 1 day. i’ll take a million pictures to remember that it was true one. haha.

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