Maximize Those Summer Brights


August always signals the beginining of the end of summer. It makes me a little sad because I love the long summer days. I love how bright the sun shines and how much energy there is. I also love the happy bright colors of summer. It instantly makes me smile. Then comes fall with it’s rich and dark colors, which I also do like because they bring so much warmth. I’m just not ready to pack away my brights yet. So let’s maximize our summer waredrobe this last month of August! Bring on the hot pinks, bright oranges, teals, blinding whites and any other color that requires shades.

This is my green half button top that I got at Old Navy for a steal. Old Navy fit is always odd on my but lately they have been good to me. I try not to buy stretchy fabric from Old Navy because it has too much stretch. This top is 100% polyester so it holds its shape well. It’s become my summer go to because the fabric is light weight and gets lots of compliment when I wear it. The skirt is from Banana Republic also on sale. I always check BR because they usually will have one or two good items found in the sales rack. You will have to shuffle through the higher priced sale items. White is definately hard for me to keep clean but it’s such a neutral color to pair with brights. Pay attention to little things like pleats and pockets!! The wedges I found on sale at J.C. Penny. I rarely go there but they have awesome sales. You just have to keep your eye out for trendy styles. These wedges are also a great neutral shoe to pair with most colors and styles for summer. The necklace also is my favorite statement piece. Enough bling to pop but not take away from the outfit. Gold goes really well with brights.




I like simple hair. If you maintain your hair it only takes 5-10 mins to style. I used some volumizing mouse and root spray to mostly dry hair, ran a round brush across while blowdrying and lightly curled the ends with a curling iron.



Wedges are a summer staple and much easier walk in. It also shows off your calves.





4 thoughts on “Maximize Those Summer Brights

  1. I adore this article! Just started a blog and it would mean so much if you could check it out! Followed btw xx love the outfit and that top color is perfect on you!

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