4 Minute Tabata Total Body Workout

4 minutes a day to get to a leaner you? Yes it’s possible. High intensity interval training is designed to burn fat as you push as hard as you can for short burst at a time. This combines cardio and strength training so no excuses to not workout. You have 4 different exercises performed for 20 seconds with 10 seconds rest. Once you have done all 4 exercises for one round totally 2 minutes, you repeat the steps again. That makes it 4 minuets total. Although it’s only 4 minutes, you have to maximize every second. Push yourself harder, faster and stronger. You should be sweating and breathing so hard you can barely talk. Once you get stronger, start adding more rounds. Strive for 10 rounds which will be 20 minutes total. I use the Simply Tabata app on my iphone. You can preset the interval and rest times. Just set it for 20 seconds on with 10 seconds rest. Here is my video that you can workout to in real time. Good luck!!


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