Acorn Squash Ravioli

I’ve seen people make homemade ravioli but I’ve never been very good at making dough. I’ve seen recipes that call for won ton wrappers instead of traditional noodles so that it’s simpler and quicker. You can use store bought or the healthy wheat won ton recipe in my previous blog post. I like them better than store bought wrappers for two reasons. 1) it’s healthier because there are basically only 4 ingredients used, no added fat and no preservatives. 2) they are thinner than won ton wrappers and don’t have that distinctive won ton taste that is very good but I don’t want it in my ravioli.


I like acorn squash because you can find them smaller in size than some other squashes. Since squashes are priced per pound, it can get kinda pricy. I also just used ingredients that I already had at home. It was super quick, easy, cost effective and oh so yummy.


Acorn squash

1/4 onions diced very small

1 small garlic

t tbs cottage or ricotta cheese

dash of salt and pepper to taste

1-2 tbs thinly sliced fresh basil depending on taste. I like basil so I used about 2 tbl

some parmesan and extra basil for garnish


Cut acorn squash in half. You only need half but you can roast both halves and use the second half for another dish. Brush with a little EVOO and bake about 40 mins in 400 degree oven. Once you can stick a fork easily through then it is finished cooking. Let cool.


While squash is cooking, saute garlic and onions in med heat pan with a little EVOO. cook about 5 mins or until translucent. Let cool.

Once everything is cooled, scrape out squash into a bowl. Add in onion/garlic mix. Add the cottage or ricotta cheese, basil, salt and pepper. mix very well until it’s all blended into a mushy paste. IMG_0225

Line up the wrappers. Place a spoon full of filling on middle of wrappers. Take some water and brush the won ton edges. Take second wrapper, brush the edges with water and place over the filling. Press edges close. Take fork and crimp the edges for extra security and it makes it look pretty. Based on my won ton sizes I made about 15.


I fried the ravioli in a pan sprayed with pam oil. Brown and flip. Takes about 5-8 mins total.

IMG_0226I heated some marina sauce, poured it over the ravioli and garnished with parmesan and basil. I added a side of chicken and garden salad. So so good and healthy.



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