Black and Blue

IMG_0266The long sunny days of summer is ending so I’m feeling a little black and blue over it. What better way to express that than through fashion!! The blue tunic top long so I usually wear it with leggings or skinny jeans during the cooler months. Tucking it into a skirt changes the whole look. Every girl needs a classic black pencil or a-line skirt because it goes well with everything. Since I’m going classic, I just paired with basic black pumps but it has a little pizzaz because of the red soles (imitation from another famous and expensive brand of shoes). Yall know how I like things just slightly funky so to break up the boring typical classic look, I wore my “rockerish” belt. It just adds a subtle edge without looking out of place. I also thought I can tweak it for a simple semi sexy cop outfit for halloween. Add a hat, handcuffs, badge and maybe black shorts, leggings or keep the skirt. For jewelry I just wore simple drop hoop earrings and my dark red heart necklace that is one of my go to for most casual outfits. I like how the red looks against the blue. Hair was done in about 5 mins just teasing the roots and curling the ends.



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