Total Body Weight Training Workout Videos


By popular requests I’ve streamlined a 4 day alternating body part weight training program. Since we are working different body parts each day, you can lift weights everyday. This is an instructional video so I’ll show you what moves to do in modified and advanced levels, the sets and reps and the order to do them in. I like training alternate body parts each day because you really get to target the muscles and they get to rest the rest of the week. I also believe in keeping your heart rate elevated to burn fat while building muscles. By getting in a cardio workout while lifting, you get a full workout that will tone, tighten, drop fat and burn calories.

I want to stress how important it is to lift weights. It’s IMPOSSIBLE to get “bulky” ladies unless you are taking enhancers like steroids. I lift a ton and I’m not even to the level of muscles I want to be. It is hard to accomplish that. You will just look lean and tone, the ideal body that you want. Also, don’t worry about how many calories you burn while working out. It’s the calories you burn AFTER working out that counts. Muscles burn more calories while stationary so you’ll be constantly burning fat even after working out.

So for day one, you will do the Chest and Tricep workout. You want to pick weights that are light enough to get to 12 reps but also to have the last 3 be a little hard. Play around and keep a record of weights used so you can progress and be consistent. You do the first exercise for 12 reps and immediately go to the 2nd exercise. After 12 reps you immediately jump rope for 1 full minute. That is 1 full set. You repeat the steps all over again for those two exercises with the 1 min jump until you’ve done 3 full sets. Then immediately move to the next two exercises followed by 1 min of jump ropes. Continue your 3 sets of 12 reps until you’ve performed all the exercises. This is meant to keep your heart rate up so you should be tired but keep pushing. Rest when you need to but don’t let your HR drop. Get right back in when you can.

Day two will have you do Backs and Biceps. Follow the same instructions of 2 exercises for 12 reps each followed immediately with 1 minute jump rope. You can do any cardio exercise you want if you don’t want to do jump ropes. You can jump, do high knees, run on treadmill etc, it’s just about keeping your HR up. Perform all sets to the end.

Day three is Leg Day!! Keep in mind to keep weight on your heels, squat as low as you can and keep knees behind toes. You can use your own body weight but legs are a big muscles so I encourage the use of weights and ankle weights for leg lifts. Instead of doing jump ropes, I would suggest you doing lateral jumps and box jumps. It is leg day so you want to max them out.

Day four is Shoulders and Abs. These are smaller muscle groups. Really make sure you’re resisting the weights and use your abs to engage your core. There you have it, a full body workout routine. Do this for two weeks consistently then increase the weights the next two weeks. Increase your jumps. Always challenge yourself. You will be surprised at how much more you can do. 🙂


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