Healthy Egg McMuffin

IMG_0606[1]Move over Mc Donalds because this healthy egg mc muffin is full of nutrients, good fats and healthy proteins that will fill the body, fuel energy and still fast and cheap. I stress healthy eating because it really is easy, fun and becomes addicting, in the good way unlike addiction to sugar and processed foods ;). I have to admit that I really love Mc Donald’s breakfast. mc griddles are super sweet, they have the sweetest pancakes without being too flat or fluffy, hash browns with syrup and ketchup? My mouth is watering already. When all else fails, you can’t beat the good old egg mc muffin. I like to dip mine in a little ketchup and I’m good to go.

But those are days of old. Days before we realized that chemically enhanced, sodium saturated, fat depositing foods only make us fatter, unhealthy, addicted to bad behaviors and develop life threatening epidemics. Good news is we can learn to undo these bad habits and create new and better ones that will give us the body we fantasize of, the energy we naturally have and the knowledge that this is better than anything mass produced. I promise you that you will get the hang of it and actually start to create your own flavors and favorite recipes.

I created this egg mc muffin after working out after 8PM and still needed dinner/post workout meal. When it’s that late, I need something light but that will still rebuild my body but not make me bloated before bed. Normally I’ll do my overnight oat parfait but I already did that earlier after my weight lifting workout. So looking at my fridge, I came up with this much wanted repeat meal using only things I need to eat up.


one fiber rich whole grain english muffin

1 egg

a few leaves of any greens ( I used some steamed cabbage and it was a very nice new flavor, but I also love steamed cabbage. It’s all about experimenting)

1/2 tsp of Grapeseed Oil Veganeise Mayo (it’s egg and gluten-free and healthier than mayo. I usually never use any form of “mayo” but I found this in the fridge and wanted to try it. You can omit this)


1/4 mashed avocado

1 slice of any cheese

3 slices of lean turkey deli meat

Some ketchup or mustard if you want


Toast english muffin if you like it crunchy. I do. While that’s toasting, fry up an egg sunny side up. I like to cook it on one side for about 2 mins then carefully flip and cook that side for 1 min on med heat. Remove from heat. Take one slice of toast and spread with thin layer of vegan mayo and avocado. Layer on your greens, deli meat, cheese and egg. Put mustard/ketchup on other side of toast if you want. Right before eating, poke the yolk so it oozes out. It was sooooo good and perfect for breakfast or a late dinner that will fill you up without weighing you down and making your tummy look pregnant in the morning.


4 thoughts on “Healthy Egg McMuffin

    • haha yes. I love ketchup and when it’s next to pancakes, syrup dripped in and I liked it. But no more syrup for me bc of all the bad sugars and such. I am going to make my own ketchup and will blog it bc i don’t like all the salt and processed stuff in store bought ketchup.

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