White After Labor Day

I’ve never been one to like fashion rules nor am I a fashion trendsetter but I think fashion should be fun and true to the individual. Black with brown is a great combination but it’s all about placement of colors. Got a super bright bag? Throw it over your shoulder even if it doesn’t go with your outfit because it’s such a great statement. So when it comes to the antiquated never wear white after Labor Day, I think it’s super lame. I think it’s more important to dress to the weather. If it’s still warm and sunny, continue wearing your white shorts, sandals, etc. Now if it’s raining, you might not want to but it has more to do with being cold. A white sheath dress is super sexy for winter. And honestly, if you look good then wear it 🙂

I got this white lace baby doll dress a few years ago. White is great because it’s so versatile. I created two simple and different looks by changing accessories, shoes and hair.

Subtle western look: Cowgirl boots, tan belt and wavy hair with side braids.



A little black and white with pop of color from the shoes:IMG_0712[1]



IMG_0707 IMG_0708





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