Carrot, Squash and Sweet Potato Fries with Spicy Garlic Aioli Sauce


Too many words to describe this delicious meal I just made so I’m just gonna get to the nitty gritty.


4-5 carrots cut to resemble fries about 3/4 inch thick

2 large sweet potatoes cut to resemble fries about 3/4 inch thick. The trick is to make them about the same size so they cook evenly.

1 squash cut to resemble fries about 3/4 inch thick. This will cook a little faster than the carrots and potatoes.

3-4 tbs olive oil

Salt, black pepper or fries seasoning to taste


Preheat oven to 425 degrees. On 2 cookie sheets, spread carrots and potato fries separately so they are evenly distributed. Drizzle olive oil over them, mix to coat and add seasoning and mix again. Bake for about 10-15 mins. Flip and cook another 5-10 mins until tender and a little crispy. Remove and cool.

While fries are cooking, make the garlic aioli sauce (almost like mayo but healthier).


2 egg yolks

2 cloves of garlic

juice of half a lime or lemon

salt to taste

1/2 cup to 3/4 cup of olive oil

3 tbls coconut oil or just use olive oil if you don’t have coconut oil

Some Siracha sauce if you want it spicy


Place yolks, garlic and lemon juice in food processor and pulse for about 3 mins or until most of garlic is chopped. Very slowly drizzle in the olive oil a few tablespoons at a time. Scrape the sides occasionally. Then drizzle in the coconut oil. This should cause the emulsification and thicken the sauce. Taste to see if you need more salt, lime/lemon or garlic.

I like to have a sandwich with my fries so this is my easy chicken sandwich.


2 slices of whole grain bread. I used one with sunflower seed crust so it would be very hearty. You can lightly toast it if you want. I like toasted sandwiches.

Half a baked chicken breast seasoned any way thinly sliced.

4 cucumber slices

4 roma tomato slices or one salad tomato slice

1 slice of onion raw or grilled til soft

slice of any cheese but it’s amazing with a slice of good blue cheese

1/4 avocado mashed


On one side of bread, lightly spread the aioli sauce on. Layer cucumber slices next, then tomatoes, onion, and chicken meat. On other side of sandwich, spread the avocado and you can season with some salt and black pepper if you want. Stack it all together.

To make spicy aioli sauce, just add some siracha sauce about 1 tsp at a time until the desired spice level. Serve alongside the fries. So so so yummy and fast.



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