Homemade and Healthier Applesauce


I’ve never liked store bought applesauce. It had an odd texture, the taste was synthetic and just overall gross to me. I always hear that it’s such a great snack and used to buy them for easy on the go snacks; yet I rarely ate them because they just weren’t very good. I always ended up using them for baking as a sweetener. I love apples so I just thought I didn’t like the texture of applesauce.

As I found out more about store bought applesauce, I realized how processed and sugar laden they are. Apples have natural sugar so why need to add more? This got me thinking about making my own applesauce. And guess what? It’s a thousand times better than store bought. I love the natural realistic taste of sweetness and the texture just melts on your tongue. Also of course, it’s super easy and cheap.


1 apple of choice. I usually use gala or fuji because they are cheaper. I’ve done green apples and like the tartness of them.


slice apples into little chunks. The smaller they are, the easier they blend. I like to leave the skin on, especially because of the nutrition benefits but it looks prettier without. Microwave for 1 min. Check to see if it’s soft. If not, go in 30 sec intervals. Once it’s soft, blend with hand held blender or blender. The hand held immersion blender works best. Just blend a few minutes until it resembles applesauce. One apple yields 1/2 to 1 cup. Nothing else is needed. It’s so sweet and fresh you will want to devour it. You can also use it in baking. You will never want store bought applesauce again.IMG_0843[1] IMG_0845[1]IMG_0847[1]


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