Roasted Butternut Carrot Basil Soup


Fall is here so bring on the comfort soups! Squashes just scream fall to me. One of my favorite squash is BUTTERNUT SQUASH. If you haven’t had one you are sadly deprived. It has this rich, buttery and creamy flavor, It kinda reminds me of pumpking but way way way better because it’s so full of rich flavors. It’s like the sophisticated, better looking, more popular cousin to a pumpkin. They sell them by the lb and one usually weights 1-2 lbs. I eat for one so I always try to find a small one but the other day at Sprouts they were .77 a lb!! I couldn’t pass that up and bought 2. They keep fairly well for a while. Usually they are 1.30-2 a lb. I am in butternut squash heaven.

I usually like to roast them and then the sky’s the limit on their use. You can eat it just plain, use for ravioli stuffing, in soups or to make healthy dishes because they serve as a cream substitute. I made a pasta sauce which I will have to post later and will make mac n cheese with the other squash and post recipe once that is done. I can’t wait, my mouth is already watering. What I decided to do was a soup because it is fall and I just can’t resist. I added a cup of cooked quinoa for protein and added bulk and it became a very hearty meal. It was so good, I immediately wanted to repeat the meal. Hope you try it out.

Ingredients: Serves 2 large bowls or 4 side soups

half a butternut squash

2  carrots

2 cloves of garlic

1/4 onion

2-4 cups of any broth

handful of fresh basil

2 cups cooked quinoa

2-4 tbls of nonfat greek yogurt (optional for garnish and tangy taste)


Brush EVOO to squash, carrots, onions and garlic in 400 degree oven. The onions and garlic will roast in about 25-35 mins so take those out first. The carrots take about 15 mins longer and the squash is about 45-60 mins. Everything is roasted when you can put a fork easily through it. It is very tempting to eat them at this point put resist.

In a sauce pan heat up about 2 cups of the broth. Add your roasted ingredients and handful of fresh basil. Let it come to a boil. Turn off heat and let cool just slightly. With an immersion blender or regular blender, just puree until smooth. You can add black pepper and salt ( I didn’t think I needed it and didn’t use) to taste.

Ladle to a bowl, add a cup of quinoa cooked, a dollop of yogurt and garnish with some basil. This was oh so yummy. I had mine with a side of open face kale turkey sandwich. I took two large kale leaves, spread lightly with Veganise Mayo, added sliced cucumbers, tomatoes, cheese and turkey. Very carb friendly and protein packed.



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