I love dressing for fall so much more than summer and spring. I love the layers, boots and scarves. Don’t let those layers be an excuse for winter weight though 😉 I think dark fall colors match most people better and it’s easier to mix and match pieces to create new outfits. 3

These forest green Jessica Simpson jeggings (what can I say, the girl has nice products, and it was on sale for about $10 at Macy’s last year) have a little sheen to them but it’s very subtle. To highlight the color, I chose a simple white tee (maternity section at target for I think $7. Never rule out maternity wear. They are created to flatter the tummy and is ruched for accommodating growing sizes). Now to layer. Shades of brown go well with forest green so I layered with a chocolate brown cardigan that my old roommate didn’t want anymore. Score for me! To add texture, I used a soft pink crochet scarf with doilies. It also softens the dark pallet. Don’t be shy or feel awkward tying a scarf. They are all different with different lengths and shapes. Just drape it and see how it hangs and where there’s fullness. Sometimes I tie the ends together for a circle scarf, I nip and tuck strands to my clothing and on this one, I used a safety pin to secure where I wanted it to lay. Browns and greens go really well with pink. You just have to make sure the shades are right. So for this outfit, I probably wouldn’t like this shade of soft pink with the forest green, but since it’s paired more with the chocolate cardigan and sits higher than the pants, the color combo works. sit4

Add classic brown riding boots, tear drop opaque earrings and a super casual high knot and this is a perfect fall look. Those are my transition prescription eye glasses. They are very practical. Let me talk about the high knot for a second. I usually hate my hair up and especially in a pony tail. I like this look because it’s messy, great for not washed hair and looks trendy. All I do is flip my hair over and find a high point in my head. I loosely gather it to a ponytail. I flip my head back and fluff out the front part. As I tie it to a ponytail, on the last pull though, don’t pull it all the way. Let it do that typical looped pony tail look that keeps your hair in a semi bun. I take the loop section in half and pull the pony tail tighter. I take the straight ends and wrap them around the hair band and secure with pins. I then just secure the loop down with some bobby pins so they don’t move and looks more sophisticated than just a lazy bun. It really is simple and takes 1-2 mins. but looks way better than a ponytail or regular bun. stand



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