I love dressing for fall so much more than summer and spring. I love the layers, boots and scarves. Don’t let those layers be an excuse for winter weight though 😉 I think dark fall colors match most people better and it’s easier to mix and match pieces to create new outfits. 3

These forest green Jessica Simpson jeggings (what can I say, the girl has nice products, and it was on sale for about $10 at Macy’s last year) have a little sheen to them but it’s very subtle. To highlight the color, I chose a simple white tee (maternity section at target for I think $7. Never rule out maternity wear. They are created to flatter the tummy and is ruched for accommodating growing sizes). Now to layer. Shades of brown go well with forest green so I layered with a chocolate brown cardigan that my old roommate didn’t want anymore. Score for me! To add texture, I used a soft pink crochet scarf with doilies. It also softens the dark pallet. Don’t be shy or feel awkward tying a scarf. They are all different with different lengths and shapes. Just drape it and see how it hangs and where there’s fullness. Sometimes I tie the ends together for a circle scarf, I nip and tuck strands to my clothing and on this one, I used a safety pin to secure where I wanted it to lay. Browns and greens go really well with pink. You just have to make sure the shades are right. So for this outfit, I probably wouldn’t like this shade of soft pink with the forest green, but since it’s paired more with the chocolate cardigan and sits higher than the pants, the color combo works. sit4

Add classic brown riding boots, tear drop opaque earrings and a super casual high knot and this is a perfect fall look. Those are my transition prescription eye glasses. They are very practical. Let me talk about the high knot for a second. I usually hate my hair up and especially in a pony tail. I like this look because it’s messy, great for not washed hair and looks trendy. All I do is flip my hair over and find a high point in my head. I loosely gather it to a ponytail. I flip my head back and fluff out the front part. As I tie it to a ponytail, on the last pull though, don’t pull it all the way. Let it do that typical looped pony tail look that keeps your hair in a semi bun. I take the loop section in half and pull the pony tail tighter. I take the straight ends and wrap them around the hair band and secure with pins. I then just secure the loop down with some bobby pins so they don’t move and looks more sophisticated than just a lazy bun. It really is simple and takes 1-2 mins. but looks way better than a ponytail or regular bun. stand


Homemade and Healthier Applesauce


I’ve never liked store bought applesauce. It had an odd texture, the taste was synthetic and just overall gross to me. I always hear that it’s such a great snack and used to buy them for easy on the go snacks; yet I rarely ate them because they just weren’t very good. I always ended up using them for baking as a sweetener. I love apples so I just thought I didn’t like the texture of applesauce.

As I found out more about store bought applesauce, I realized how processed and sugar laden they are. Apples have natural sugar so why need to add more? This got me thinking about making my own applesauce. And guess what? It’s a thousand times better than store bought. I love the natural realistic taste of sweetness and the texture just melts on your tongue. Also of course, it’s super easy and cheap.


1 apple of choice. I usually use gala or fuji because they are cheaper. I’ve done green apples and like the tartness of them.


slice apples into little chunks. The smaller they are, the easier they blend. I like to leave the skin on, especially because of the nutrition benefits but it looks prettier without. Microwave for 1 min. Check to see if it’s soft. If not, go in 30 sec intervals. Once it’s soft, blend with hand held blender or blender. The hand held immersion blender works best. Just blend a few minutes until it resembles applesauce. One apple yields 1/2 to 1 cup. Nothing else is needed. It’s so sweet and fresh you will want to devour it. You can also use it in baking. You will never want store bought applesauce again.IMG_0843[1] IMG_0845[1]IMG_0847[1]

White After Labor Day

I’ve never been one to like fashion rules nor am I a fashion trendsetter but I think fashion should be fun and true to the individual. Black with brown is a great combination but it’s all about placement of colors. Got a super bright bag? Throw it over your shoulder even if it doesn’t go with your outfit because it’s such a great statement. So when it comes to the antiquated never wear white after Labor Day, I think it’s super lame. I think it’s more important to dress to the weather. If it’s still warm and sunny, continue wearing your white shorts, sandals, etc. Now if it’s raining, you might not want to but it has more to do with being cold. A white sheath dress is super sexy for winter. And honestly, if you look good then wear it 🙂

I got this white lace baby doll dress a few years ago. White is great because it’s so versatile. I created two simple and different looks by changing accessories, shoes and hair.

Subtle western look: Cowgirl boots, tan belt and wavy hair with side braids.



A little black and white with pop of color from the shoes:IMG_0712[1]



IMG_0707 IMG_0708




Bright Teal and White

Yes I’m still mourning over the ending of summer. This is a real causal look for an outing to the bakery one day. White is such a nice neutral to go with brights. Teal comes in many shades and they are all pretty. Little details like lace add a feminine feel. When shirts are tucked in, I like to add a belt. This one is just a fun pink metallic woven belt that I’ve had forever. I like woven belts because you can dictate where to place the hole. Simple side swept braid, metallic sandals and rose gold watch finishes the look. Casual looks don’t mean you don’t have to take a little time to make it special. IMG_8504


Black and Blue

IMG_0266The long sunny days of summer is ending so I’m feeling a little black and blue over it. What better way to express that than through fashion!! The blue tunic top long so I usually wear it with leggings or skinny jeans during the cooler months. Tucking it into a skirt changes the whole look. Every girl needs a classic black pencil or a-line skirt because it goes well with everything. Since I’m going classic, I just paired with basic black pumps but it has a little pizzaz because of the red soles (imitation from another famous and expensive brand of shoes). Yall know how I like things just slightly funky so to break up the boring typical classic look, I wore my “rockerish” belt. It just adds a subtle edge without looking out of place. I also thought I can tweak it for a simple semi sexy cop outfit for halloween. Add a hat, handcuffs, badge and maybe black shorts, leggings or keep the skirt. For jewelry I just wore simple drop hoop earrings and my dark red heart necklace that is one of my go to for most casual outfits. I like how the red looks against the blue. Hair was done in about 5 mins just teasing the roots and curling the ends.


Maximize Those Summer Brights


August always signals the beginining of the end of summer. It makes me a little sad because I love the long summer days. I love how bright the sun shines and how much energy there is. I also love the happy bright colors of summer. It instantly makes me smile. Then comes fall with it’s rich and dark colors, which I also do like because they bring so much warmth. I’m just not ready to pack away my brights yet. So let’s maximize our summer waredrobe this last month of August! Bring on the hot pinks, bright oranges, teals, blinding whites and any other color that requires shades.

This is my green half button top that I got at Old Navy for a steal. Old Navy fit is always odd on my but lately they have been good to me. I try not to buy stretchy fabric from Old Navy because it has too much stretch. This top is 100% polyester so it holds its shape well. It’s become my summer go to because the fabric is light weight and gets lots of compliment when I wear it. The skirt is from Banana Republic also on sale. I always check BR because they usually will have one or two good items found in the sales rack. You will have to shuffle through the higher priced sale items. White is definately hard for me to keep clean but it’s such a neutral color to pair with brights. Pay attention to little things like pleats and pockets!! The wedges I found on sale at J.C. Penny. I rarely go there but they have awesome sales. You just have to keep your eye out for trendy styles. These wedges are also a great neutral shoe to pair with most colors and styles for summer. The necklace also is my favorite statement piece. Enough bling to pop but not take away from the outfit. Gold goes really well with brights.




I like simple hair. If you maintain your hair it only takes 5-10 mins to style. I used some volumizing mouse and root spray to mostly dry hair, ran a round brush across while blowdrying and lightly curled the ends with a curling iron.



Wedges are a summer staple and much easier walk in. It also shows off your calves.




Cami Straps to Halter Swim Top

I like halter tops on my bathing suits. It has less tan lines and better support plus the position of the straps really show off defined shoulders and draws attention to the feminine collar bone.

So what do you do when you love your swim top but it’s not a halter? A simple quick no sew solution to the rescue.

photo 1 (2)

Simply go to the back and cut off the little tab that attatches the strap to the back of the bra. Usually there is a metal hoop that connects the two. If it’s just the strap sewn right onto the back fabric, just cut as close to the fabric as possible so frays wont show.


Once cut, just tie the tip off into a knot and cut off the access. Do it to both. This shows one cut and tied and one not cut and tied.

photo 2 (2)

Voila! Instant halter top with no sewing involved.

photo 2 (2)